Big 10 years anniversary FEST in Berlin on the 2nd of June at the Roadrunners Club


Hi Folks, we re back in the studio, recording songs for our 5th studio album, wich will be released in 2018 wich will also be the 10th band anniversary.  The new songs will include influcenes of Rhythm n Blues, Neo Swing and much more…so stay tuned!



Here we anounce that in November 2016 our album “LIVE IN THE PARK, MONTREUX JAZZ FESTIVAL. We are very proud of this milestone in the bands history. This is how the RRRS sounds today.

Another new video from our friend RollingRhino



this year with a new video from The Open Stage Berlin



Goin`Old School

OUT NOW! On Rhythm Bomb Records

With a total vintage sound, recorded at Berlin Lightning Recording Studios, The hottest record to date!


Famous Last Words Magazin REVIEW for Goin´Old School!!!

Rhythm Bomb
Fourth album in for Rob Ryan and his Roadshow that shows no signs of letting up, such is the heady mix of rockabilly, rock ‘n’ roll, hillbilly and country sounds which explains the majority of this latest album’s contents, but it should also be noted that there are one or two deviations from this formula. The first indication that other influences are at work here can be heard from the album’s introduction ‘Stay In Bed’, as it snuggles up close to a rhythm and blues sound with Rob Ryan’s vocal sounding light and soulful. The next surprise comes in the form of a cover song, and one that is not selected from the customary vault of 1950′s goodness because this one is taken from a more recent decade with The Eurhythmics ‘Missionary Man’. Despite not being a fan of the original composition, the translation of this Eurythmics hit is a far grittier version, complete with impassioned vocal and side support coming by way of harmonica that manages to receive the unanimous thumbs up. The ‘Goin’ Old School’ of its title really makes itself known with the mid-tempo country ‘Long Gone Day’, then applying its foot on the gas for the rockabilly infused ‘Catwalk Baby’ with Rob Ryan’s vocal impressing throughout. There is time for reflection once ‘When I Found You’ makes its entrance, with its nimble rhythm implying the joy felt as this is one song with a happy ending after years in the doldrums. Further jovialities ensue once the Jerry Lee Lewis inspired wildness of ‘Monkey Beat City’ clambers over the entire contents of this album, letting its presence known via some white-hot rock ‘n’ roll, only to be given a run for its money by way of ‘Not Good Enough’. If only all roadshows were as compelling as the one Rob Ryan is promoting because ‘Goin’ Old School’ is a lesson in how to achieve a finely tuned balance between a choice selection of genres and making it work as a cohesive whole



Cold Hard Truth

Top notch County-Fried American Rockabilly from the Rob Ryan Roadshow!
A fine album that will appeal to fans of Kick Ass Rockabilly, Roadhouse Rock and real Country Music.
Lots of great now original songs here, and a cool cover of Ronnie Dawson’s Up Jumped The Devil.
Neustes Album dieser deutsch-amerikanischen Band Wer hier allerdings einen authentischen Sound vermutet, der liegt nicht ganz richtig.
Die Einflüsse dieser Band sind vielfältig: Country, Cowboy Jazz, Rock’n’Roll und Rockabilly, wobei sich der Sound doch meistens in etwas moderneren Gefilden bewegt.
Klasse Musiker, für Fans des „Americana“-Sounds ein Pflichtkauf. (2012/RHYTHM BOMB) 17 tracks, KILLER COUNTRY ROCK and ROCKABILLY album incl. a great version of ‘Up Jumped The Devil’! If you dig the late Ronnie Dawson, you’re gonna like this! This album is THE REAL TREAT FOLKS!!! Razor-sharp guitars, a stompin’ rollin’ thunderous hound dog bass and a drum kit which will bring you close to the next nervous breakdown!! Roll on motherfuckers, roll on! That’s the stuff you gotta watch! 100 percent of ass kickin’ real rockin’ music! If you’re a Pat Boone Rock & Roll infected fingerpoppin’ daddy-o, get yourself a milk shake and go to hell but if you’re a real rockin’ cat this album is an investment in a pure silver platter which in the future will make your ear cleaning cotton sticks needless as a second butthole! ROCKERS, ROCK ON!

Das Album ist bei Rhythm Bomb Records erschienen und dem Titel entsprechend heißt es jetzt überall…The Cold Hard Truth


Let’s Get This Show On The Road

Guided tour through country music history

Auf der zweiten Platte “Let’s Get This Show On The Road” defilieren BR-549, die MAVERICKS oder auch die DERAILERS am geistigen Auge vorbei, wenn Rob Heaven Yes, Hell No intoniert. Your Song könnte aus grauer STONES Vorzeit stammen, und wenn bei Halleluja, während die Fiedel glüht, oder bei Bone Pick selbst dem notorischsten Bewegungsmuffel nicht im Takt das Bein zuckt, dem ist wahrlich nicht mehr zu helfen. Rob Ryan macht vor keiner Spielart der Country Musik halt, lässt die Gitarre im Texmex Sound bei Pistolero erklingen und erinnert stark an die glorreichen SHADOWS, und rockt auch gerne mal mit S.O.L das Haus.


Highway Man

The rockabilly honky tonk debut

Bereits nach kurzer Zeit hatten Rob Ryan und seine Jungs 2008 ihren Bekanntheitsgrad ordentlich ausgebaut und die erste Platte “Highway Man” eingespielt und gingen als Support Act mit BOSS HOSS auf Tournee und erspielten sich mit ihren Country Twang’n’Roll Mixturen mittels 100 Liveshows pro Jahr eine erkleckliche Fanschar.